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Get ready to live an experience of extraordinary comfort thanks to new Stonefly technologies


Blusoft® is a “historical” Stonefly technology created in 1996. A gel pad at the heel assists in walking and provides a shock-absorbent buffer. Blusoft® is designed to reduce skeletal microtrauma and fatigue, easing your movement.

The secret is in the sole

Walk as softly as a cat:
with Blusoft, our unique gel pads encased in the sole.

Second Skin

Second Skin® is the result of a deign philosophy that’s able to expertly combine technology and materials with stand-out manufacturing.
The footwear from the Second Skin® line is soft and lightweight, essentially fitting you like a second skin.

Your Second Skin

Shoes that adapt to your foot and get more comfortable with every step.

Bluesoft Memory

Blusoft Memory® consists of a special removable insole equipped with a memory foam insert at the heel that provides shock-absorbent cushioning, and an exclusive material with open-cell structure that ensures maximum breathability.

The secret is in the sole

  1. Long term memory

    Extra-cushioning, slow release memory foam insert.

  2. High performance breathability

    Ultra-breathable open-cell structure.

  3. Moisture control

    For feet that stay dry.